The Workshop follows Julian Abdul, a 25 year-old Atlanta native, & peeks into the creative process that is responsible for creating some of sport’s most memorable draft day suits for college athletes entering the NBA. As we get to see how he creates, we also see what drives him creatively, and the roadblocks that come with being one of the youngest fashion designers in sports. Finding inspiration from the style he saw growing up in the south, and mixing it with the grittiness of the West Coast, he has created a staple look in the fashion industry that has attracted his client roster of athletes in the NBA & NFL looking for personal 1 of 1 pieces, suits, and custom-tailored outfits that actually fit them. Julian’s creations have been seen millions of times which drives him to keep creating clothing that continuously raises the bar.

  • Ju.Looks
  • Documentary
  • Director / Jesse Ray Diamond
  • Producer / Shay
  • Cinematographer / Lerry Kin