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Alvin ‘Xzibit’ Joiner, multi-platinum rapper and director of new digital music series Broken Ground Photo by: Koi Sojer/SnapNU Photos

Recently, legendary rapper, television personality and actor Alvin “Xzibit” Joiner made his directorial debut in the release of his latest digital music series “Broken Ground” at the 27th Annual Pan African Film & Arts Festival (PAFF). Held in the heart of Crenshaw at the Cinemark BHC Theater, Hip-Hop lovers and supporters gathered to watch the series screening featuring Xzibit, lead actor James Savage, and cast members Sticky Fingaz, Anna Hutchinson, Slink Johnson and Anthony Michael Hall, among others. Comedian, Alex Thomas, PAFF co-founder and executive director Ayuko Babu and radio industry mogul and panel moderator for the evening Big Boy were also in attendance.

R-to-L: Life Garland (film editor,) Big Boy (host/moderator,) James “Jayo Felony” Savage (lead actor/rapper,) Alvin ‘Xzibit’ Joiner (co-director, co-producer,) Rashidi Harper (director, co-producer,) and Jesse Ray Diamond (co-producer, co-director) Photo By: Venus Bernardo Photography

For Savage, his return to the music industry has been a long time coming after being black balled and experiencing jail time for the life he once lived. Both personally and creatively, Savage wanted to depart from his former life and moniker as Jayo Felony, the persona that previously had him bound him to a life of crime.

“We were trying to get away from my rap name Jayo Felony and we were trying to think of something creative. I told X and Dre and them my name, I was like my name is James Savage and he was like your real name, like your last name is Savage? So that’s where it started,” Savage said also crediting his interview with Street Motivation for the concept.

The once-revered underground rapper says it was the late Jam Master Jay who believed in him and opened doors for him as a young man in the industry. “He was a good friend and that’s who put me in the game,” he said. Savage says that it made him emotional to see documentary footage of himself and Jam Master Jay and reminded him of his purpose all together.

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